Hello, Its Me….

Dear Stylers,

What a wonderful feeling to be back with all my Stylers again. I am sorry for the exceptionally long wait. Thank you to everyone who stayed subscribed to the blog for all these months (almost 1 year!), i am truly appreciative of your loyalty . Know that it didn’t go unnoticed. I am back and strong and cannot wait to share all of my wonderful ideas with you. Make sure to subscribe to the blog and my Instagram. Be sure to check back for weekly updates on fashion, food and beauty!




Currently, i am sitting in a couch but not at my apartment, at my family’s house down the street. As you all know by now, the east coast is currently in the middle of a Blizzard. I decided it would be best to be snowed in with my family rather than be alone.

Its been almost a year since i last blogged and to be honest, i needed the break to get myself and my life together. Since then, i have moved (yes, again), traveled, fallen in-love, fallen out of love (lets admit it, these things happen), and currently have only 2 more classes to complete before i get my degree. I think i needed time to honestly figure out what i wanted to do with my life and i know now that it definitely has to accommodate my creativity or i just won’t enjoy it.

With that being said, i have come up with this amazing idea and it’ll take a few years to execute but i hope to share more with you the closer i get to the dream. I can’t wait to share more beautiful contents with you all. The blog will now include:

  • Weekly Fashion Posts – some of these will be my own creation and others will be a way to show you how to create your favorite blogger looks for much cheaper.
  • Weekly Recipes – for those who don’t know, i am well known for my cooking as well as i am for my fashion. I am now learning how to bake and would love to share with you guys easy recipes to try at home,
  • Biweekly Beauty Posts – I will share with you guys my makeup routines, makeup looks and products that work and are worth the investments or one’s that just aren’t worth the hype!
  • YOUTUBE! – yes, i will finally be launching my YouTube page and though i don’t know what kind of content i will be creating, i hope you all support me on that endeavor as well.
  • Collaborations – it is my goal to grow this blog and thus i will be reaching out to some bloggers you already follow to create some magic together!

I know there seems to be an overwhelming amount of content to come (but i feel as though i owe you guys :)) and i will try to not overwhelm you with it all at once. Thank you once again for sticking around, i sincerely appreciate the love and support.

Until next Post,

Stylishly, Elle.

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