Gray Hues

Dear Stylers,

I hope you have all been having such a beautiful week. School has started for me and has thrown my schedule into chaos, but not to worry, all i need is some reorganization and to stay on track with blogging. As promised, i wanted to share with you at least one fashion post and one food post each week. This weeks food recipe will be posted on Friday so stay tuned for that delicious number! This look is simple, i love monochromatic looks and i realize that it is primarily my style, so prepare yourself for an overhaul of that this year 🙂 The Details of each look will always be posted at the end of each post. If the items are still available, it will be a clickable link so you can purchase, if not i will always try to find the closest match to the item and post that instead. All in all, i hope these looks are an inspiration for your style.

Ps, i have started to enjoy rocking my natural hair!

Stylishly, Elle.





Outfit Details:

Gray Sweater Coat: Nastygal

Gray Midi Dress: Forever21

Bag: Forever21

Scarf: Forever21, Similar Here

Shoes: Zara, Similar Here

Comment Here :)

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