Beauty Hack!

Dear Stylers,

You’re welcome for this beauty hack!. Few years ago i was surfing the internet and came across a recipe to make your own brush cleaners. I jumped at the opportunity of saving money and knowing exactly what goes into mu cleaner. Well today i want to share with you this simple recipe. Works great and its literally just three ingredients.

Stylishly, Elle.


What you need: Warm water, Dawn dish soap ( i like the one with the lotion in it, it keeps my brushes soft and helps mask the smell of the vinegar), and white vinegar.

Combine the warm water, dawn soap and vinegar in a jar; I use a mason jar. Place your brush in the mixture and twirl it around. I usually place the brush in my palm and twirl it some more under warm water until it forms a lather from the soap and rinse it of. And that’s it, allow your brushes to dry over night and enjoy your clean brushes.

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