That Damn Patti Pie!

Dear Stylers,

I AM IN LOVE. Yes, you heard it right! but not with a man, with that DAMN Patti Labelle Pie. Yes i know i am ages behind on this wave but it must still be going on if i can’t get my hands on that damn thing anywhere. Let me tell you how we met!

On a Beautiful Saturday i was minding my own business shopping in Walmart, as i do every once in a while when i need a refill of my Nivea creme or have a craving to buy some EGGO waffles. On route to my waffles, i happened to be near the bakery. Now i have to admit, when this whole patti pie hit YouTube, i would wonder around the bakery hoping to catch a glimpse of it and perhaps purchase it, but it never happened of course. This day, however, my luck changed! There was a mountain of it, had to be at least 30 pies on display and from my current experience, i am sure they dissipated by the hour after i left with one.

Naturally, you’d assume I’ve had a sweet potato pie before; i mean it is at most black families tables during thanksgiving but never mine. THIS pie would be my FIRST sweet potato pie and i had doubts that I’d even enjoy the flavor. I always thought to myself:” These damn Americans. We are now putting potato, milk, sugar and butter as a combination in a pie. EWW!” BOY WAS I WRONG!

I mean this pie has taken over my life people. I finished the damn thing in 2 days. Alone. I made sure to add scoops of vanilla ice cream with each slice i ate. I am embarrassed but i am in love. Patti, you have ruined my life. I find myself calling different Walmart’s asking if they have your pies on deck daily. My friends have resorted to picking me up the pies whenever they come across one. Thank you kindly for the additional 5 pounds i gained since discovering your recipe. I heard you make pound cakes too, Damn woman! its like you want to kill me!

If i ever catch these pies anywhere…..i will be clearing the shelf and i don’t care how fat i come off to people at that point. I refuse to share with anyone so please do not ask for a bite. Friendships will be lost over this DAMN PATTY PIE!

Pie Crazed, Elle.


** Though i do love this and it will probably be my favorite desert, this post is meant to only make you laugh** Enjoy!

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