Skin Care Routine

Dear Stylers,

I have missed you too!. Sorry for the late post but had to finish out my degree strong and on a good note. Also, work is a little distracting with all the new changes taking place and i think i am definitely going to have some gray hairs soon if i don’t take a vacation soon.

Anyways, i wanted to share with you guys my skin care routine. I get so many questions on how i keep my skin so clear and i want to show you the items that i cannot live a day without. These items i have been using for a while and trust me, if you have oily or combination skin and tend to wear makeup on a day to day basis, these things right here will become your best friends as they have become mine. They are all also super affordable and if you like, i can share with you my high end products as well. But these beauty musts are budget friendly. “You’re welcome!”

Ps, This week is Beauty Week!

Stylishly, Elle.

  1. My Facial Cleanser: Biore Baking soda Pore Cleanser                                                           lrmobile3105-2016-1105172375601197750.jpegOMG! Talk about a product that can instantly change your life. It HAS to be the baking soda. I mean this thing takes off my makeup like no other. And i mean the stubborn ass ones like the colourpop matte lipsticks (A whole review coming up soon) .It takes me 5 days to scrub that thing off (Exaggerating of course, but still!). You have to go out and purchase this! It just cleans out my pores!
  2. My facial Moisturizer: Olay complete all day moisturizer with SPF 15                                                                      lrmobile3105-2016-1150172421361911222.jpegMy friend jasmine told me to start using this and i love it. I put this on in the mornings after i use my cleanser and it doesn’t leave me oily. I actually put this on before i put my makeup primer on. And who wouldn’t like to have sunscreen in their moisturizer? This is also great for days when i wear no makeup so that my skin can have the protection it needs. Get on it!
  3. The Body Shop Tea tree mattifying lotion                                                                                 lrmobile3105-2016-1112172502584554576.jpegGo to  right now, type this in and press purchase! If you have oily skin, this is holy grail. You will thank my later. I put this on first before my primer and my makeup lasts a lot longer! Also, tea tree is great for your skin. This one has a peppermint smell to it and it seems to sting a little on the skin but i am used to it now. I love it for days i wear makeup. I use this in place of my Olay moisturizer for heavy makeup looks. I want to try all the body shop butters as well, they smelled so good i almost ate them. SAD!
  4. Mud Mask: AyaZen Dead Sea Mud Mask                                                                                                                                                                        lrmobile3105-2016-1106172557225271639.jpegAs you can see, i use this quite a bit. This one i Purchased from Amazon (Click To Purchase). I love what this does for my skin. It is pure mud from the dead sea so it ships to you really fast. It doesn’t really have a smell but you feel it tightening on your skin. I leave it on for an hour (they recommend 15 minutes, but ain’t nobody got time for that) and wash it off. My skin feels like a newborn babies ass!
  5. Neutrogena Ultra Light cleansing oil.                                                                                                                                                                         lrmobile3105-2016-1145172595535401156.jpegI needed an actual makeup remover and i love this one. This is oil based and it really does clean my makeup off. It actually smells like oil to be honest. BUT,it leave my skin feeling hydrated after. I really like it! I use this first, then go after it with my Biore cleanser.
  6. Nivea Cremelrmobile3105-2016-1133172463566111414.jpegI use this as my night creme. I have for many years now and it only costs $1.00 from Walmart. I usually buy 10 because i’m paranoid they will stop making it. I am in a hunt for an actual night cream and i have a neutrogena one i’m keeping my eye on.

Let me know if you like posts like these. These are not paid Ad’s so they are my honest opinions and things that  i LOVE. If you know my skin, then you know i take good care of it! Enjoy!!!


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