Black Magic

Dear Stylers,

I Wanted to share with you something different than i am used to posting on my blog. Today i was tasked with answering some questions in a criminology course i am taking. My response to the assignment received positive feedback that i thought i needed to share it with you as well.

Which contributing factor seems to be the most likely one to explain the racial disparities and why?
Answer: Inner city crimes prompted by social and economic isolation.
Unless, you have been in their shoes, you will never understand their struggles, their fears, their oppression, their culture and you will never understand their inability to succeed in a society that is designed for them to fail. I am Black. BUT, i have to exclude myself out of the struggles of other African Americans. My family has never wanted for anything and I grew up privileged in Africa. The isolation of races is greatly affected by their social standings and economic instability. We must understand that a cycle continues to happen when you’re placed in an environment designed for you to fail and has been for generations, how difficult is it to stop that cycle? It can be done, i have seen it; but is it feasible for most? NO. And you will never understand until you are in their shoes. Until you live a stones throw from Pennsylvania avenue in Baltimore, until driving the blue district streets no longer frighten you because it is the norm, until you have watched all your cousins, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers drop out of high school, fall into drugs, and have children before they reach their legal ages of 18. Can you ever understand? Truly? Will you ever know what it is like growing up black? Hispanic? Asian?
I think it was Jesse Williams who said it best during his speech at the BET Awards:

Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real.