Bow It Up

Dear Stylers,

I logged on to the blog today and it stated “it has been 23 days since your last post”. Whoops! Life has been crazy. Trying to balance blogging full-time and work just seems to never work out. Its either you do one or the other.  However, i am very excited to share with you guys this look. I recently collaborated with which i love. They have so many affordable items and their shipping was fast. You guys know i wouldn’t bring you a collab if i didn’t believe in it. I was sent this beautiful top and i love it. I shopped at shein before they ever reached out to me so of course i was excited. Say hi to my friend Stephanie, who has amazing fashion sense, we did not plan this on our day out but her top is also from I hope to post more in the coming days. If you are interested in the top i am wearing for this post, simply click here. Find Stephanie’s top here.

Stylishly, Elle.


4 thoughts on “Bow It Up

  1. don’t worry about it! just take blogging and life one day at a time – that’s what i do ❤ both of you guys are absolutely gorgeous! i love your sunglasses 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara


    1. Aww Thank you so much for the motivational words and the compliments. Yh i wish i had more time to blog because it makes me happy, but my work and school life just will not allow is as much anymore 😦


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