New Series: Style Dupes

Dear Stylers,

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you to those who have stuck with my blog for all these years. I truly appreciate everyone of you. With that said, i want to focus the blog on Fashion and Beauty. I love to cook but food photography is not as easy as it seems. It also seems like i am only available to cook at night which makes it much harder for adjusting my light settings. So in replace of recipes, i wanted to start a new series that would allow me to interact a lot more with you :). Click to see out first Dupe!

Stylishly, Elle.

This series allows me to recreate looks at a much more affordable price range. We will aim to take looks that cost close to or over $1000 and recreate them for under $100 or at least close to it (including shoes). Yes, it is possible and i promise you will still look chic and fabulous. I will be recreating both celebrity and your favorite blogger looks. You can send me any pictures or links to a look you want to recreate and we will make it happen. The goal is to post once a month at the end of the month. This gives me an opportunity to have enough time to find and order fabulous Dupes if i want to show you those items on me :). Though it will be a less expensive alternative, it is my goal to still have beautiful recreation without sacrificing on style and quality!

We will start of with a great example from one of my favorite bloggers, Blair Eadie. I have linked her Instagram, so make sure you check her out. I love this look she created for fall and i wanted to show you how to get a similar look for close to $100 with SheIn pieces.

You can Submit your pictures and requests to my contact page linked here with recreations or styles you would like to DUPE!

I really hope you enjoy this series and i cannot wait to see your requests and your recreations.

So with this look, she is playing around with patterns, which is something i would really like to start doing. (see guys, I’m learning along with you!). I’m sure if we tried to buy this exactly as she has it, it would come with a steep price tag! So lets Dupe this Style with the help of Shein.

Below are the items i put together to help create a similar look. I will link the pieces below if you would like to recreate it!

Because i have multiple options available, i find that when mixing either or items, your total spent falls between $105.00 – $128.00 to recreate this look!

Find Items below . (Links are clickable)

Pant Dupes! (Here and Here)

Jacket Dupe (Here)

Shoes Dupe (Here and Here)

Scarf Dupe (Here and Here)

Top Dupe (Here)

Dupe Away Stylers!!

Comment Here :)

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