Ath-leisure in Fall.

Good Morning Stylers,

So happy to be blogging this morning. I don’t know about you guys, but i feel as though when things seem to be a little hard and a bit stressful, it always helps to do something that takes my mind off everything and blogging is one of them!. With that said, i got these under armor sneakers a few months ago and i have been loving them. If you know me then you know i barely own flats in my collection, so getting this is a good first step. I went out with a friend for a casual day for sushi and kept the look simple with black tights, which are becoming my go to picks for a quick day out, black long sleeves and this comfy sweater from SheIN. Ath-leisure has become a new trend, and though i normally do not follow trends, this is one i can jump on the band wagon for and tag along.

As always, the sweater and shoes are linked. If you love the fun bag, check out my post here, where it is linked. Just click and happy shopping!

Stylishly, Elle.




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