How To Series #1

Dear Stylers,

Thank you all for such a positive feedback to last week’s post! it Motivates me to make sure that I am putting out quality content for you all. With that said, I wanted to introduce on youtube this week my first series on “HOW TO’s” on makeup questions that I am asked constantly.I hope that this helps you out. Sorry for the video not being in focus, but the content is what is more important!

Here is the link to watch the Video on youtube!


There are always 4 Essential things that I have done that always made my makeup last ALL Day or at least for the length of time I needed to wear it.

  1. PRIMER: You always have to prime your face. It creates a safe barrier between your skin and the foundation but it also gives your foundation something to hold on to. I can promise you that without a good primer, you’ll find your makeup separating on your face before the next hour is up! PRIME PRIME PRIME! I have listed a few priming options that work great on oily skin down below.
  2. LONG LASTING FOUNDATION: Every foundation is not made to be worn all day. You have to be smart in what foundation you choose for what occasion. For example, if I know I will be going to a pool party but I still would like a bit of coverup, I will reach for my Kat Von D instead of my NYX foundation. This ish does not move. You can take her swimming on the first date and she would come out looking flawless.  Always choose for foundations that claim long hours of wear!
  3. SETTING POWDER: if you put concealer on your face and you forget to set it well then you just did the first two steps for nothing. I ALWAYS set my whole face when I want it to last longer, not just my concealer. What you have now done, is you have created a sandwich of your foundation between two layers! Your primer and your setting powder!
  4. FINISHING SPRAY: Now all you have to do is melt everything into each other and seal it with your finishing spray. One of my favorites to use is MAC Fix Plus. But if you want to have THE most long lasting makeup, give the BEN NYE SETTING SPRAY a shot!  it makes your makeup smudge-free and completely sweat proof! It does feel heavy on your skin though.

I hope these tips and trick help you during this hot summer and on your vacations! Until next time…..

Stylishly, Elle.

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