Dear Stylers,

Hi!! Sorry for no post last week. I figured that not all makeup looks deserve a full on blog post so i decided to skip last week. I am also dealing with so much when it comes to being stable in my new location and my life in general. I have been promising a life update and i hope that once this house project (i’ll explain in the life update), i will be more stable and be able to figure out how i want to navigate my life going forward.

But…. That’s not what you’re are here for today, are you? Lets get on to these lips.

You can Watch the Youtube Video on the lip swatches here!

Stylishly, Elle.

Click the name of each product to purchase!

1. The “Almost” Nude Lip: Colourpop – Kae

This is for the brave girls who want to rock a nude lip but with a bit of a POW effect. I love the color KAE by colourpop. This is the brands collaboration with Karreuche Tran, most known for being Chris Brown’s ex. This nude lip with a terracotta undertone is perfect for darker skin tones and it is what i am wearing in the above picture.

2. My Go-To “mauve” lip: Colourpop – Toolips

When i discovered this color i was such a happy camper. Mauvy lips on a gril with my skin tone can sometimes go towards the direction of ASHY town so i love that colourpop had this option for me. I would say that it is one of my most warn color so far for the summer. It is also one of those colors you can wear year round!

3. The perfect “strawberry pink: Colourpop – London Fog

When i discovered london fog, i started to like pinks again. It is not your average pink, it has more of a strawberry underton to it. You definitely need a liner when wearing these lip colors but luckily colorpop has a lip liner for almost every color! For my darkskingirls, try a brown one, like Mac – Chestnut , NYX – espresso or colourpop – Kae!

4. The Pinky Goodness: Dose of Color – Berry Me 2

I’m already on my second bottle! Get it while they are in stock, and believe me, most of the time, they are not!. Try Berry Me as well for those who like a deeper pink. Its perfect for the fall and i will try to get my hands on it! And if you cant, try colourpop’s- MORE BETTER as an option. Also on my second bottle nut its too similar to this color to include in the video!

5. That pop of Purple: Colourpop – Bedazzled (No longer available, try Zipper as an option)

It seems to me colourpop no longer carries this because i cannot find it anywhere on their site to link it for you guys, but as an alternative, you cant try Zipper! Its the same drying AF! matte lip formula of theirs but you cannot deny the color!

6. The “Coral” color: Colourpop – Cozy

Please wear this with a liner if you’re darker skinned or else you will look like you ate a nice bag of peachy donuts and thats not cute! Try it with Mac – Chestnut , NYX – espresso or colourpop – Kae!

7. That sexy orange color: Coloured Raine – Electric Raine

First of all, i love when brands put the colors on darker skinnned models cause we all know, colors DO NOT look the same on every skin tone. This was the color that introduced me to colors lol. I belive its the first ever lip color that i wore that i was like, hmmm this is really stepping out of my comfort zone but i loved it.

Here i am wearing it from 2015! Can we talk about ThrowBack!

8. That summer metallic shade: colourpopThe Rabbit

You need a little sheen in summer to keep you going. And while you’re at it, why not have it pop like this color! I won’t lie, i was happy when that whole metallic phase died down, ut if you still want something with a bit of sheen to it then this is a perfect one!

9. For my not-so-daring babies, the perfect brown lip: Dose of colorsChocolate Wasted

Second in line to Ofra cosmetic’s Brooklyn, this is my favorite brown lip. On me, Its a nude! Why i didnt post my ofra one instead, i can’t seem to find it anywhere!!!

10. That random ass color: colourpopDr. M

I know you did’nt just come here for some boring lip colors. This one is for the girls after my own heart who like to see makeup as art and like to be BOLD! Life is too short to wear boring lipsticks! It is a matte formula and you know how much i hate colourpop’s matte formula but slab on a tick layer of lip gloss before applying and you’re good to go!



Disclaimer: All Lip Images are not mine. Except those with me included!. Images used for purpose of educating audience only!

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