Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette

Hello Stylers!!

So excited to be back with you for another makeup review. But before we get into that, i wanted to let you all know that i am going back to San Juan this week! Yes, Again. But my bestfriend is getting married and wanted her bachelorette trip to be there as well. So her wish is my command! I really want to shoot a blog for you guys while im there and maybe a vacation lookbook? Let me know in the comments if thats something you want to see!

Here is the Youtube Link reviewing and using the palette! make sure you subscribe if you havent already!!

Lets get on with this review!

So unless you have been under a makeup rock, then you know of this well talked about palette released by morphe brushes in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill.If you don’t know who she is, she is one of the few beauty guru’s on YouTube and has about 3 million subscribers! there is a lot of contreversy surrounding her, and every beauty guru at this point, because her subscribers feel like she mentions morphe too many times in her videas. Which is true but its also because she is sponsored by morphe and has an affiliate code with them!

Anywho, jaclyn clained this palette has been in the works for about two years due to its new formulation and complete custom colors different from any other morphe palettes and i willl have to agree! The Matte shade in this palette are so creamy and buttery that i can attest to the difference! But i need morphe to continue with this new formula in every new palette they now come out with. Its only fair!

Secondly, the palette is steep in price compared to other morphe palettes coming in at $35 before taxes and shipping! I Paid about $42 after everything and when you compare that to a regular morphe palette, thats about a $20 increase! But!!!!!!! i will say it is a nice formula and i actually love the palette. It is currently packed in my suitcase and will be going with me to San Juan!

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