Akwaaba means welcome in Ashanti, a language spoken from my motherland Ghana.

I am glad you have taken the time to get to know more about my blog. I tend to have a lot to say and wanted a place where i could really share my thoughts and my ideas of the world. 

I am 26. Born and raised in the beautiful country of Ghana, West Africa.

You guessed right! I love everything fashion and beauty like most girls do, but i try to put my own little “elle” spin on it. I hope that i can motivate you to stay true to yourself. To me, Fashion is just another way of communicating when you have no words to express yourself. So STAY! ENJOY! COMMENT!

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26 thoughts on “KNOW ME!

  1. Beauty Beauty Beauty !!!!!!!!!!!. Sent u a message earlier but it might not have posted. You need to come see me soon. Mr. Reggie is a photographer. Come through so we can take some pics…… Your other mother loves u too. Love this Elle Odoi.


  2. You are absolutely beautiful and stylish. I cannot wait for you to take the time to come see me. I need some of your fashion tips. Plus I am your American mother. See you soon. Mr. Reggie is a photographer. Come get some pictures taken. Love Charlene


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