Hello Stylers!

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts! However, i am very consistent with my YouTube channel so if you have not taken the time out to subscribe, please make sure you do!. I post twice daily and you get to see a bit of my personality every week.

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Hello Stylers,

Longest time my loves!! Please kindly excuse the extreme absence but if you follow me on YouTube then you have a pretty good update on my life at this time. Ps, i will link that video down below for you to check out!

Anyways, we are here for this Fenty Beauty Review. Watch the video and get a full funny first impression of how i feel about this foundation line. I am in the Shade 480, the second to last shade! Yay!!! Finally, a shade range where i am NOT the last shade.

I also talk a bit of the colourpop concealer in this review. I will link all items for you below so you can purchase.

Watch review Here!

Watch Life Update Here!


Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette

Hello Stylers!!

So excited to be back with you for another makeup review. But before we get into that, i wanted to let you all know that i am going back to San Juan this week! Yes, Again. But my bestfriend is getting married and wanted her bachelorette trip to be there as well. So her wish is my command! I really want to shoot a blog for you guys while im there and maybe a vacation lookbook? Let me know in the comments if thats something you want to see!

Here is the Youtube Link reviewing and using the palette! make sure you subscribe if you havent already!!

Lets get on with this review!

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Dear Stylers,

Hi!! Sorry for no post last week. I figured that not all makeup looks deserve a full on blog post so i decided to skip last week. I am also dealing with so much when it comes to being stable in my new location and my life in general. I have been promising a life update and i hope that once this house project (i’ll explain in the life update), i will be more stable and be able to figure out how i want to navigate my life going forward.

But…. That’s not what you’re are here for today, are you? Lets get on to these lips.

You can Watch the Youtube Video on the lip swatches here!

Stylishly, Elle.

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