The POWER of NO!

Dear stylers,

I am currently sitting on my couch watching season 2, episode 4 of POWER. If you don’t know what that is, then i am currently a few seasons ahead of you. I decided to give this show a shot after so many people made it a point to tell me how much i was “missing out”. They were right, it IS a good show.

However, that’s not what this post is about at all. I was speaking to my sister today and i realized how much in “limbo” i am with life. This new relocation, finding a new job, starting a new company, managing my blog and youtube and most importantly school! Your girl has been busy! So much so that i have lived more in my car for the past 4 months than in my actual home. Today, my sister brought it to my attention how thin i have stretched myself and proceeded to tell me what i could have accomplished by now if i decided to stay put in my new home. She is RIGHT.

The word NO is a powerful thing. I have heard of the yes man as im sure you have too. That’s when you decide to say yes to everything asked of you as long as it doesn’t endanger the welfare of others or yourself. BUT. what about NO. What about people like me who say yes to everything? Going to all my friends events and being there for whomever i need to be there for. It’ll be nice to learn how to say NO every once in a while. There are so many events in the next two months that thinking about them actually gives me a bit of anxiety!

If i focused my energy on finding myself or working on my company for the past 4 months, i am sure something productive would have come out of it by now. I think it is time i exercise saying NO. NO thank you, i will not be able to attend. NO, unfortunately, i cannot go with you. NO, i cannot do that for you at this time. I know, it sounds selfish, but sometimes you need to be. I think I’ve had so much going on in my life that i felt like i welcomed the disrtactions but its time i simmer down.

It’s truly unfortunate that i have so many commitments before i go to Ghana, but i will be the new NO woman in town when i return. Mark my words!

Stylishly, Elle.