Hello Stylers,

Longest time my loves!! Please kindly excuse the extreme absence but if you follow me on YouTube then you have a pretty good update on my life at this time. Ps, i will link that video down below for you to check out!

Anyways, we are here for this Fenty Beauty Review. Watch the video and get a full funny first impression of how i feel about this foundation line. I am in the Shade 480, the second to last shade! Yay!!! Finally, a shade range where i am NOT the last shade.

I also talk a bit of the colourpop concealer in this review. I will link all items for you below so you can purchase.

Watch review Here!

Watch Life Update Here!


That Damn Patti Pie!

Dear Stylers,

I AM IN LOVE. Yes, you heard it right! but not with a man, with that DAMN Patti Labelle Pie. Yes i know i am ages behind on this wave but it must still be going on if i can’t get my hands on that damn thing anywhere. Let me tell you how we met!

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